How to Order
1. Choose desired product
2. Enter the quantity of goods
3. Click "Add to cart"
4. Click on "Pay"
5. Arrange the delivery address and then press "Pay"
6. Select a payment method and then click "Pay"
Please pay attention to the restrictions imposed on the transfer of goods from abroad. According to the Federal Customs Service of Russia, "when receiving international mail within one calendar month of goods, the customs value of more than € 1,000, and (or) the total weight of more than 31 kilograms, in the part of the excess is subject to customs duties, taxes, using a single rate of 30% of the customs value of goods, but not less than 4 euros for 1 kilogram of their weight "
You can also find the list of items for personal use, zapredennyh to be sent in international mail
Processing of goods
1. Order is processed by our system (0-1 business day)
2. Orders are packed in stock (1-3 days)
3. Order is sent to e-mail the country of origin or in the center of Express Delivery (1 business day)
4. Poisoned by mail order at the destination.
Delivery to the address you provided free of charge for 10-50 days, depending on the region. Order come directly from the manufacturer to your address. If you want to get the goods faster, use express post at an additional cost (the cost depends on the weight of the parcel and the region).
Express mail options:
EMS. The average delivery time - 2-3 weeks.
China Post. The average delivery time - 2.5-3.5 weeks
China Post Airmai when ordering goods weighing up to 2 kg. Shipping cost is calculated according to each 100 g packages.
After registration and payment of the order you will receive an identification number zip (tracking number), that allows you to track the parcel. If you live in the Russian Federation, track parcel online, please visit Russian Post (
When the product will be in the mail, to the address you will be notified. You will need to fill it out and get the good (do not forget your passport!). If the product was not obtained due to the seller, the money returned. If the goods come to your mail, but you do not take away the money will not be returned.
Pricing Policy
We offer a product with a minimum premium as working directly with manufacturers from around the world.
We sell products, which previously has not been used by anyone and never used. Before packing and shipping product is thoroughly tested (in addition to the factory inspection).
On all purchased products in our store to apply universal guarantee, the terms of which are set by the manufacturer. Subject to damage to the goods caused by the manufacturer during the warranty period, you can exchange the item purchased from us for the same or a different product with an additional charge, if the cost exceeds the value of the desired product you purchased.
Warranty applies to the following:
1. The absence of a product (product did not come fully or not come at all)
2. Cosmetic damage (external or internal defects)
3. The resulting product is different from ordered by you
If your order falls under paragraphs 1-3 of warranty, please contact us or click the "submit a claim."
In case of failure of goods purchased in our store, the refund shall be made within two weeks from the date you receive the goods and provided that all checks and appearance of the product.
Please stay tuned to the decision at the request of a refund. If the request is not updated for more than two months, he is considered to be canceled at the initiative of the buyer and will be closed automatically.

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